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Fall Back Into Biogas

Autumn is nearly here and as the leaves start to fall, the anessa Team wonders "Could we model that in our platform?". According to our in-house biogas experts, "Absolutely! but it might not be the best feedstock... ". Coming up, on this month's edition of anessa's Monthly Digest (pun [...]

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Diversity opens the doors to opportunity Story originally published in BioTalent Canada’s Close-up on the bio-economy: Atlantic Canada Diversity hiring is on a lot of people’s minds these days. More and more businesses recognize it’s the right thing to do and good for the bottom line. For companies aiming [...]

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Was May the Best Month for Biogas so far?

This edition of the anessa newsletter brings you proud moments in anessa's recent history. Keep reading to learn about our conference activity in biogas hot-spots, market news,  business excellence in our home province, and how we've been working to expand our offering! One Month, Two Major Events [...]

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5 Tips To Optimize Your Digester

Hello ! The anessa team is constantly working towards improving your experience. Many digesters run at a lower efficiency, simply due to preventable marginal errors. At anessa, we have a commitment to furthering growth in the biogas industry, and we are happy to do so by sharing some knowledge. [...]

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anessa and CIBiogas are pleased to announce the finalization of an industry partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding.

CIBiogás is the Biogas Business and Technology Institution in Brazil and has been a major driver of the Brazilian Biogas Industry, providing comprehensive data for stakeholders, industry reports, and even educational courses. CIBiogas is dedicated to the expansion of clean energy and has been incredibly instrumental [...]

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anessa announces the appointment of David Newman as Chairman of the Board of Directors

For Immediate Release New Brunswick, Canada October 1st, 2021 David Newman, former president of the World Biogas Association has been appointed as the new Chairman of the board of directors for the company which becomes effective October 1st, 2021. Mr. Newman has extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, and  recently [...]

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Anaerobic Digestion Innovation & Business
Webinar 4 – Biogas Trends and Innovation: The use of Predictive Analytics in Plant Operation

With Predictive Analytics, the AD operation can move to the optimum configuration while avoiding costly mistakes and delays that come from using outdated trial-and error  methods. Advances in AD plant modelling can now mathematically replicate an AD plant or model a planned project with precision [...]

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