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anessa for Proactive Operations & Monitoring

Concerned about expensive digester crashes? Unwilling to experiment with new feedstocks in case something goes wrong? Interested in an easier way to store, view, and communicate operational plant data?

Staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for success in biogas operations. Predictive modelling enables proactive decision-making, helping you make the best feedstock decisions with your facility’s goals in mind. Our dynamic solutions can help you visualize data collected by plant sensors in a dashboard – any time – any where. Stay in the loop with your plant performance so long as you have an internet connection.

Yes, anessa AD•O’s predictive algorithms run through a myriad of possible feedstock combinations arriving at the ideal co-digestion recipe for your operation. AD•O can be used to account for seasonality, the exploration of new material or to get a full scope of the effects of an additive before incurring significant costs. AD•O is your ideal partner if you are looking for the sweet spot in your feedstock recipes.

anessa AD•M’s flexibility helps us easily integrate into your current process and pave the path to your digitalization goals. Whether you collect information manually, through field staff, or through sensors inside your plant, AD•M has a way to help. Even through different collection systems, your data is dynamically visualized in centralized dashboards that can be easily customized for reporting, daily use, or status updates.

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…


  • Safely adjust to new regulations and tariffs
  • Stress test millions of scenarios
  • Select new feedstock recipes


  • Check on the effects of feedstock changes without having to alter your setup
  • Make data-driven decisions and choices


  • Centralize operational data across different collection processes
  • Dynamically visualize sensor collected information in real-time in customizable dashboards
  • Streamline communication and reporting accounting for various project stakeholders

With anessa you get three platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis, AD•O for feedstock optimization, and AD•M for dynamic monitoring—covering all your anaerobic digestion needs. Our platforms are backed by a responsive and attentive Customer Success Team

“…I was drawn to the fact that anessa is an opportunity to move away from spreadsheet-based models [and to instead] go with a software that has lots of other features as well… Process Flow Diagrams and Mass Energy Balances are different for every developer so it can be hard to parse that information and get exactly what you need. Having a software platform that allowed us to not only think about BMP, it also allowed us to think about digester sizing and how changes in feedstock could impact biogas production. The flexibility of the platform as we go from various dairy manure projects to food waste projects has been quite helpful.”

Allan Odour, Development Analyst @ Leyline Renewable Capital

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