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platform updates

Easily Switch Between anessa Products: Single Sign On (SSO)

Switching from assessing new opportunities to monitoring the performance of current facilities has never been easier. Click on the logo at the top of your anessa homepage and easily switch from evaluating opportunities to monitoring the performance existing facilities. anessa’s new SSO makes it easier for you to assess, optimize, and monitor within a specialized hub.

Energy Business Review Feature: Digitally Optimizing Biogas Projects

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our co-founder & CEO Amir Akbari. With over 11 years of experience in the mechanical engineering eld, Amir has successfully led anessa through the early stages of research and development, investment fundraising, and into commercialization. Earlier this year Amir had the opportunity of speaking with Energy Business Review when anessa was awarded the Top Renewable Energy Solutions Provider in Canada in 2023. During his conversation, he dove into the value that anessa can bring to projects from development to operations. Get the full story here.

“We help our clients de-risk their entire biogas project, from project development to operations. Investors, energy companies, and insurers to the sector are particularily interested in anessa’s platform for their due dilligence process, to cut through bias and to guard against the notriously unreliable traditional methods such as spreadsheet analysis used too often in the industry”

Did You Know?

The equivalent of 10 million households have been powered with projects assessed in the AD•A platform

What’s Going On in the Biogas World?

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New York City Council passes major zero waste package, including mandatory organics program

“Earlier this month the New York City Council passed ve bills with the hope of adding further momentum to organics diversion efforts, codifying zero waste targets, and expanding access to recycling.”
Featured within these approved bills is the city’s commitment to diverting 100%of “citywide-generated recyclable waste” from land lls or incinerators by 2023.

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Top 10 Things To Make Your Digester Biology Happy

Azura Associates in collaboration with BiogasWorld recently released a very informative article covering 10 critical aspects of anaerobic digestion projects and how to set yourself up for successful operations accounting for the nuance and complexity of its biology.

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Sebigas to Begin the First European Cactus-Based Biogas Project

“Sebigas, a company specializing in the design and construction of biogas plants, signed a contract with Wakonda SpA, an agricultural startup based in Italy. The contract sets the construction of a biogas plant fed with Opuntia (prickly pear) blades and other agricultural by-products, to produce electricity, thermal energy, and high-quality organic fertilizer.”

Sebigas is a perfect example of how new feedstocks can lead to innovative opportunities.

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