Simulate the impact of potential changes to feedstock quantity and quality, plan for seasonality changes, and fluctuations in variables such as tariffs, operational costs, and energy prices.


Our powerful simulation engine searches through all possible feedstock combinations to find the optimal biogas plant recipes based on considerations such as feedstock, quantities, availability, and operating conditions.


Instead of guessing the impact of potential changes such as fluctuations to feedstock, operating costs or fees, anessa AD•O will quickly and automatically reveal each possible outcome.

How it Works

anessa’s Products are based on Core Technologies developed in-house. anessa AD•O is a Simulator with a built-in optimization algorithm that enables you to evaluate millions of feedstock recipe setups until it arrives at the ideal recipe for your operation. The Simulator is built using 4 integrated computational models that are widely accepted across the anaerobic digestion industry, these are:

Feedstock Model

AD Bioconversion Model

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Model

Financial Assessment Model

With its flexible setup, you are able to create a turnkey simulation for your turnkey facility. Enabling you to experiment without the risk of digester failure in the safety of a simulation.

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