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anessa for Identifying, Assessing, & De-Risking

Tired of hours spent in front of a spreadsheet trying to identify what can make or break your idea? Looking to strengthen the business case of a project you are keen on developing? Concerned about your ability to capitalize on project opportunities that are different from the ones you are familiar with?

At anessa, we understand that identifying and assessing biogas opportunities is a delicate complex balance. In similar shoes, the idea of anessa was created. We created dynamic and flexible software platforms to streamline the development of biogas projects. Through powerful predictive analytics, we help you peak into your project’s future enabling you to make the right decision based on available data.

Building the business case for a biogas project can be tough, but you can make things easier for yourself by:

  • Using predictive modelling to simulate and visualize projects’ potential for a broader range of prospects and investors
  • Anticipating the composition of your digestate and evaluating its revenue potential
  • Creating more accurate, detailed, and persuasive proposals that can be dynamically adjusted as the project progresses
  • Assuring you are choosing the best technology while keeping in mind the project’s long-term goals and production
  • Optimizing your future feedstock recipe more quickly and easily

Let us help you—whatever stage your project is at.


You want to…

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Creating the proposal

  • Deliver rough estimations on the fly, on client premises if needed
  • Create scenarios to identify optimum returns in advance of questions that are typically asked by bankers and investors
  • Update and visualize the project’s full scope as details are delineated throughout the full feasibility study

Specifying the project

  • Deliver an in-depth recommendations while reducing costs
  • Tailor your proposal to the exact circumstances of the client
  • Provide a convincing estimation of profits and costs

Building the plant

  • Adapt proposals based on changing hardware, feedstock and market characteristics
  • Access plant specifications securely from anywhere
  • Evaluate possible scenarios and the impact they have to output and profit

Commissioning and handing over

  • Provide optimal feedstock recipes
  • Offer feedstock optimization guidance on how to achieve specific outputs
  • Make data-based decisions on changes to your feedstock and feedings

Providing financial and technical reporting

  • Centralize operational data in a dynamic hub, flexible to various data collection processes
  • Dynamically visualize operational data in customizable reports
  • Create ranges and see notifications if values outside of normal ranges are logged

With anessa you get three platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis, AD•O for feedstock optimization, and AD•M for dynamic monitoring—covering all your anaerobic digestion needs. Our platforms are backed by a responsive and attentive Customer Success Team.

“AD•A was very good at providing us with the initial analysis that was needed to determine [the project’s] viability. From there I was able to talk to the [anessa] Team and I was able to dive in deeper into the details where I realized that extending my retention time would allow me to produce more gas. It was very helpful in helping me determine what we needed to do to produce more gas… I would recommend anessa to other biogas developers to do a preliminary analysis on a biogas plant.”

Rick Corradini, President @ Sou’wester Exploration & Technology

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