anessa’s Core Technologies act like an engineer’s or an operator’s power tool. What would be impossible for manual or basic software tools to handle due to lengthy, complex calculations, anessa software achieves it quickly by incorporating software models and algorithms that closely follow engineering principles.

anessa software products draw on two main Core Technologies developed in-house.

anessa’s Simulation Engine (SE) integrates four Standard Computational Models widely accepted in the industry.

Feedstock Model

Anaerobic Digestion Operational Model

Greenhouse Gas Emission Model

Financial Assessment Model

anessa’s integrations and sensitivity analysis performs in-depth simulations of anaerobic digestion projects and generates reliable results that span the complete process.

anessa’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms quickly identify the optimal process settings out of millions of scenarios, a process that would be unworkable with traditional means. Our teams of computer scientists and biogas experts are constantly working to improve the efficiency of these algorithms.

Genetic Algorithms

Our Genetic Algorithms search through millions of possible simulations to quickly and efficiently find the optimal plant setup.

Neural Networks

Our Neural Networks are designed to learn from the relationships between actual plant inputs and outputs. It then creates an intricate map of these relationships so that it can make accurate predictions when conditions change.

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