anessa platforms were specifically developed to meet the needs and use cases of the following functions within the biogas sector and to provide unique work product benefits.

Biogas Engineers and EPCs:

Looking for easy ways to advise on feedstocks and other anaerobic digestion basics? Keen to work on more projects in the rapidly expanding biogas sector? Struggling with the technological parameters for an anaerobic digester project?

Biogas Plant Operators:

Concerned about expensive digester crashes? Unwilling to experiment with new feedstocks in case something goes wrong? Have a feeling your plant can produce more biogas but are worried about the impact of tinkering?

Biogas Consultants:

Tired of hours spent in front of a spreadsheet? Worried about missing a basic error in your calculations? Wishing you could finish a proposal in half the time, without compromising the accuracy of your results?

Biogas Project Financiers:

Looking to assess the viability of a biogas project? Keen to build an investment portfolio around renewable natural gas? Aware of a possible opportunity but unclear about just how realistic it is?

Food Processors:

Worried about how long you can carry on sending food waste to landfills? Interested in finding a way of turning that cost into a profit? Looking to improve the environmental reputation of your business?

Biogas Plant Developers:

Weary of trying to win people over to the virtues of biogas? Looking to strengthen your presentations and business cases? Concerned about your ability to capitalize on unfamiliar project opportunities?


Wondering what to do with manure, waste feed, crop residue, and other organic material? Looking to generate income instead of spending money on waste disposal? Not sure about where to start?