anessa’s platforms where built by members of the biogas industry to enable others to explore & develop opportunities in an easier manner. As well as a suite of products to facilitate biogas plant operations, monitoring, and reporting. Learn more about how we bring value to firms across the anaerobic digestion space.

Industry Drivers:

Are you an energy company with clear decarbonization goals that is curious to explore renewable natural gas opportunities? Or an investment firm that is validating expected returns before committing to investing in a project?

Identify, Assess, & De-Risk:

Tired of hours spent in front of a spreadsheet trying to identify what can make or break your idea? Looking to strengthen the business case of a project you are keen on developing? Concerned about your ability to capitalize on project opportunities that are different from the ones you are familiar with?

Proactive Operations & Monitoring:

Is feedstock experimentation something you avoid due to concerns about digester biology? Looking for a real-time dashboard that can provide actionable insights to your operation? Curious about the potential of a new feedstock or the effects of seasonality?

Waste Evaluation:

Wondering what to do with manure, waste feed, crop residue and other organic material? Looking for ways to reduce costs around the management of your waste?

New Entrants:

Did you recently learn about biogas? You have come to the right place. Whether you are someone with experience looking to tool up your new biogas business or new to the space with a project idea in mind anessa’s specialized solutions can help.