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anessa for Waste Evaluation

Wondering what to do with manure, food waste, crop residue and other organic material? Looking for ways to reduce costs around the management of your waste?

Exploring anaerobic digestion as a waste management solution can enable you to:

  • Gain a profit while managing your waste
  • Increase self-sufficiency and reduce operational costs by producing renewable energy or fuels in-house
  • Contribute to the circular economy by evaluating the use of digestate (the organic by-product of biogas systems) as a high-grade fertilizer, helping you return nutrients to your land
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by diverting waste away from landfills, as well as the overall amount of methane emissions in agricultural operations

Anaerobic digestion is a smart choice for farmers. But getting the full picture right can be challenging. Use anessa to find out if and how anaerobic digestion could work for you—and to maximize your digester’s performance once you get going.

Whether you are sending your waste to a third party or investing in an anaerobic digester, getting the numbers right can be overwhelming. Choosing anessa enables you to:

  • Gain access to an expansive feedstock database to understand the biogas potential of your waste
  • Understand whether you have the quantities for your own digester or if partnering with surrounding farms is financially a better option.
  • See projected profits, and how much energy you are producing from your waste!

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…


  • Find out if biogas production could work for you
  • Learn how much you could make and save
  • Gain an unbiased initial assessment and support on possible next steps


  • Make data-driven decisions when selecting plant equipment
  • Build a business plan for lenders, partners and internal stakeholders
  • Compare different business models

Buying or selling

  • Calculate and isolate clear numbers to negotiate with third parties
  • Work out the optimum feedstock mix for your needs
  • Optimize your setup for profits or production


  • Create a plan and feeding schedule to assure your digester’s production is meeting your goals
  • Evaluate the impact of adding new feedstock into your mix
  • Account for seasonality


  • Keep track of your operational performance through dynamic dashboards
  • Streamline reporting by centralizing your data
  • Set ideal ranges to be notified when data falls out of normal ranges

With anessa you get three platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis, AD•O for feedstock optimization, and AD•M for dynamic monitoring—covering all your anaerobic digestion needs. Our platforms are backed by a responsive and attentive Customer Success Team.

“AD•A was very good at providing us with the initial analysis that was needed to determine [the project’s] viability. From there I was able to talk to the [anessa] Team and I was able to dive in deeper into the details where I realized that extending my retention time would allow me to produce more gas. It was very helpful in helping me determine what we needed to do to produce more gas… I would recommend anessa to other biogas developers to do a preliminary analysis on a biogas plant.”

Rick Corradini, President @ Sou’wester Exploration & Technology

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