anessa AD•A encompasses all of the inputs, financial considerations, and outputs needed to confidently predict biogas project feasibility.


Sensitivity analysis allows you to create multiple scenarios so that you can plan ahead for variables such as tipping fees, transportation costs, quantity and quality of feedstock, and energy prices.


While your competitors are crunching numbers the old way, you’re sharing comprehensive results and demonstrating outcomes that include project cost and cash flow forecasting.

How it Works

anessa’s Products are based on Core Technologies developed in-house. anessa AD•A is a biogas simulator that can help you visualize the future performance of your existing business case. The platform is built using 4 integrated computational models that are widely accepted across the anaerobic digestion industry, these are:

Feedstock Model

AD Bioconversion Model

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Model

Financial Assessment Model

In addition to our interconnected modelling, anessa AD•A is your partner throughout your opportunity’s progressive development:


Identify the right opportunity


Explore overall viability


Detailed Assessment & Stress Testing

This model’s setup enables anessa users to quickly evaluate their project’s key metrics as variables change and as the opportunity develops. Dynamically visualizing how changes in feedstock or technology could affect your future profits.

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