anessa AD•M enables you and your team to centralize your project data into a dynamic and easy-to-use hub.


Keep a finger on the pulse. Set automated AD process alerts and mitigation options that can notify you when measurements fall outside of normal ranges.


All transmissions are secured with end-to-end encryption. With anessa, you maintain ownership and control over all your data.

How it Works

anessa’s Products are based on Core Technologies developed in-house. anessa AD•M is a powerful centralized hub that enables you to dynamically visualize and collect data through the following processes:

3 Data Input Options

  • Data•log: Manual and bulk data entry to your centralized hub from the plant site or remotely.
  • Data•stream: Automatic data entry from your plant’s sensors direct to your centralized AD•M hub.
  • Field•app: Streamline the collection of on-site plant information by field staff and update the centralized data and dashboards in realtime
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