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anessa for Industry Drivers

Are you an energy company with clear decarbonization goals that is curious to explore renewable natural gas opportunities? Or an investment firm that is validating expected returns before committing to investing in a project?

The biogas industry has seen expansive growth in the last couple of years, with the International Energy Agency expecting the global market to double by 2040. Industry drivers like investors and energy companies will play an instrumental role in this growth. At anessa, our goal is to make the exploration of this opportunity as easy as possible while providing the level of detail needed to make data-driven project development decisions at whichever stage of the project lifetime that you find yourself in.

While many anaerobic digestion projects have great revenue potential, it can be hard to calculate expected returns unless you have ample industry experience. Use anessa to:

  • Evaluate which project parameters bring variability and risk to your potential investment
  • Understand the performance of your opportunity under different scenarios
  • Reconcile varying information from different project stakeholders in a centralized data room

The industry’s recent popularity can make it difficult to quickly distinguish between high-return opportunities and non-viable ideas. anessa benefits you by:

  • Helping you qualify projects with a specialized preliminary evaluation portal
  • Identifying which projects in your pipeline best fit your evaluation criteria
  • Enabling real-time monitoring and dynamic data visualization to facilitate reporting of the current status of operational connected plant.

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…

Evaluating an opportunity

  • Understand whether the figures you are looking at are realistic
  • Model future returns and production under different scenarios
  • Identify risk factors through a sensitivity analysis

Building versatility

  • Comfortably evaluate projects with various feedstock mixtures, different plant specifications, and combinations of byproducts
  • Simulate the financial impact of market and regulatory changes
  • Collaborate with project stakeholders in a centralized data room

Adhering or developing internal benchmarks

  • Compare your financial benchmarks to the projects biogas output, IRR, NPV, payback period, and many more
  • Easily assess the impact of project variables on existing benchmarks using the scenario comparison
  • Solve for specific project requirements using the sensitivity analysis

For anaerobic digester operations, anessa offers a different platform—AD•O—that your clients can use to optimize the performance of their plants. Our platforms are backed by round-the-clock support and unique access to expert advisers—for much less than a consultant would cost.

Contact us now for a no-commitment demonstration to experience how quickly you can access useful reports.

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“…I was drawn to the fact that anessa is an opportunity to move away from spreadsheet-based models [and to instead] go with a software that has lots of other features as well… Process Flow Diagrams and Mass Energy Balances are different for every developer so it can be hard to parse that information and get exactly what you need. Having a software platform that allowed us to not only think about BMP, it also allowed us to think about digester sizing and how changes in feedstock could impact biogas production. The flexibility of the platform as we go from various dairy manure projects to food waste projects has been quite helpful.”

Allan Odour, Development Analyst @ Leyline Renewable Capital

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