Call For Partnerhsip: Data-driven Feedstock Planning Optimization and Smart Monitoring Project. Anessa & GRDF Project

We are excited to announce a new project initiative entitled “Data-Driven Feedstock Planning Optimization and Smart Monitoring,” led by Anessa and supported by GRDF under the “Digital solutions for optimising feedstocks and biology in anaerobic digestion” call for projects. We are actively seeking a partnership with like-minded companies or individuals based in France to contribute to the success of this venture.

GRDF is the main gas-distributing company in France and Europe. GRDF has designed, built, and currently operates over 200,000 km of gas distribution network and distributes gas safely to its 11 million customers. In December 2023, 646 anaerobic digestion sites were producing and injecting biomethane into metropolitan France’s Network, including 541 on GRDF networks (84%), with an installed capacity of more than 11 TWh/year.

Anessa Biogas Software stands at the forefront of innovation in the biogas industry, offering an AI-driven suite of products that revolutionize plant operations. Anessa’s cutting-edge technology facilitates the development of digital twins for each biogas plant, empowering operators to model, optimize, and continuously monitor plant performance using diverse simulation techniques, predictive and reactive analytical models. The recent success of the winning project proposal involves the integration of Anessa’s solution into a pilot French AD unit through a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to elevate plant operations through data-driven insights and the development of plant specific AI models, in order to demonstrate tangible technical and environmental benefits.

Project Main Goals:

  • Deploy and integrate Anessa technology into one biogas plant in France.
  • Enhance and optimize biogas operation through improved feedstock planning and continuous plant simulation and monitoring via data- driven decisions.

The first milestone of this project is the selection of a French-based project partner. We believe that a local partner will bring valuable insights, expertise, and proximity to facilitate seamless collaboration.

Why Partner with Us:

  • Opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge AI technology in the biogas industry.
  • Access to Anessa’s innovative solutions for improved plant efficiency and performance.

Collaboration with a team dedicated to advancing sustainability through data-driven solutions.

Criteria for Partnership:

We are looking for a French-based company or individual that aligns with the following criteria:

  • Biogas Plant Connection: Ideally, the partner would have a biogas plant connected to the GRDF network.
  • Expertise: Demonstrated expertise in the biogas sector, with a focus on feedstock planning and plant optimization.
  • Innovation: A commitment to innovation and a shared vision for advancing the efficiency and sustainability of biogas operations.

Collaborative Spirit: Willingness to actively collaborate with our team to achieve project goals.

How to Express Interest:

If you or your organization is interested in becoming our project partner, please reach out to us at We would be delighted to discuss this exciting opportunity further and explore the potential synergies between our teams.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity. We look forward to the prospect of working together to revolutionize the biogas industry.

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