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Looking for a way to speedrun the basics? Keen to break into the rapidly expanding biogas sector? Unsure where to start?

Biogas is an innovative solution that supports the circular economy by not only producing renewable energy but also providing a sustainable way to manage waste. By-products from the anaerobic digestion process (organic processing without oxygen) can even be used as fertilizer! The technology can be used to produce:

  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Both heat & electricity
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Liquified CO2
  • And more!

Biogas technology can also help by:

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Diverting food, agricultural, and other organic wastes from landfills or incineration
  • Providing new streams of income
  • Helping your operation become more self-sufficient by generating energy for your own use and selling the excess

There are many types of organic waste that can be used to produce biogas. From animal manure to municipal sewage, and food leftovers or by-products. We have also seen successful cases where industrial organic waste from food production were used as a feedstock.
Even though most organic waste can be used, it’s important to understand the mix of feedstocks and technology types. Assumptions can sometimes lead to biology issues and even digester crashes.

When evaluating a biogas opportunity you should keep the overall viability at the forefront. Conducting quick preliminary calculations can help you see if technical metrics make sense and how that translates to financial potential. Once the overall viability is confirmed you should spend some time exploring your feedstock and securing any additional organic matter that your project might need. With this foundation you can begin looking into specific technologies, options for detailed design, and investments – taking the first steps down the project development roadmap.

Specialized software can help by providing an out-of-the-box solution to get you and your team started in your biogas business, saving considerable time and resources spent on the research and development of spreadsheet-based models. Platforms like anessa’s offer a distinctive advantage through the continuous release of features that align with the latest developments in policies, incentives, and technologies at no additional cost. Not only that but through dynamic visualization you can create accompanying graphics that easily visualize your idea and its value to key stakeholders.

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  • Find out if biogas production could work for you
  • Learn how much you could make and save
  • Perform an unbiased initial assessment and get technical support on possible next steps


  • Make data-driven decisions when selecting plant equipment
  • Build a business plan for lenders, partners and internal stakeholders
  • Compare different business models

For anaerobic digester operations, anessa offers two solutions—AD•O & AD•M—that your clients can use to optimize their feedstock recipes and actively monitor the performance of their plants. Our platforms are backed by a responsive and attentive Customer Success Team.

“Previously we were working on calculating BMP [Biomethane Potential] using a spreadsheet…we had various iterations of that spreadsheet but, I found out about anessa. A platform that not only does BMP analyses but conducts feasibility studies on AD projects as a whole. Being able to do Sensitivity Analysis, analyze Greenhouse Gas emissions, and other features we weren’t previously considering, such as digester sizing, and volume of effluent coming from the digester we have been very grateful for.”

Allan Odour, Development Analyst @ Leyline Renewable Capital

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