anessa AD•A provides a full assessment of potential biogas projects with all the components for a comprehensive analysis. anessa AD•A encompasses all the inputs, financial considerations and outputs needed to confidently predict biogas project feasibility.


anessa AD•A gives you the edge, delivering complex and accurate analysis of a potential biogas project in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. While your competitors are still crunching numbers the old way, you’re sharing comprehensive modelling and results. Move projects forward faster.


Manual assessments are a thing of the past. Our technical model uses interconnected databases and built-in analytics. Eliminate human error to generate sophisticated simulations quickly, easily and accurately. And it is cloud-based, so your data is safe and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.


Time is of the essence when it comes to biogas project assessment – you don’t want to waste it trying to figure out complicated software. Our clean, simple interface rates high for usability. Harness the full suite of anessa AD•A functionalities with ease. Generate project reports directly from the dashboard. And present project findings to clients with clarity and confidence.


Lowering the risk of major variations in cost and performance is key in the planning phase. anessa AD•A’s comprehensive biogas project modelling and sensitivity analysis assess a variety of “what if” scenarios. Explore key factors such as trucking fees, input costs, quality and quantity of feedstock, operational conditions and energy prices to demonstrate their impacts on the overall project.


Our clean interface lets you share results with clients with ease. Generate project assessment reports directly from the platform. Demonstrate various scenarios and provide an in-depth look at a variety of outcomes, including accurate project cost projections or cashflow forecasting. Our models make it easy for potential owners to identify and proceed with profitable biogas projects.