Memberships, Partnerships and Alliances

The American Biogas Council is the only trade association championing the entire american biogas industry. It works on behalf of manufacturers, policy-makers, digestion operators, RNG suppliers, and more across America. ABC keeps members up-to-date with the latest news, developments and resources within a fast-moving industry and ABC committees address the most critical issues that impact members’ businesses.

ABC not only helps members market their organization’s capabilities directly to other ABC members and the public at large, it also deliver an active and wide-ranging state and federal policy program, giving members a voice with the nation’s decision-makers.

Integrated Biogas Alliance (IBA) is an alliance of internationally recognized technology companies with proven success in the biogas industry that have joined forces on a non-exclusive basis to provide the global biogas industry with a unique, fully-integrated organic waste-to-renewable-energy platform solution.

This platform solution will lower the inherent risks facing developers, investors and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firms in developing biogas plants, lower project execution risks and improve their bankability. With its global footprint, reach and supply chain, the IBA has the capability to process virtually any organic waste including livestock, food and green waste, generating both renewable natural gas as well as compost and other organic fertilizers for projects anywhere in the world.

IfB is a highly respected German company led by Prof. Frank Scholwin was established as a contribution to finding a more sustainable way of living and to aid climate protection.

IfB conducts scientific analyses, provides expert advice, undertakes development work, compiles appraisal reports on technical and economic concepts, as well as engaging in knowledge transfers

The International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence (IBBK) is a network of experts and companies, as well as groups of interested and educational institutes in the field of biogas and bioenergy. The work of the IBBK covers regional, national and international activities that continually strive to cover the growing demand for independent, neutral dissemination of information in the field of biogas and bioenergy. The main emphasis is in educational and project work.

CNETE’s mandate is to provide applied research, technical support, and information in order to help businesses craft and implement innovation projects, and develop new technology applications in the areas of bioprocess, membrane separation technology, and electrochemistry.

The World Biogas Association is the global trade association for the biogas, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion (AD) sectors, dedicated to facilitating the adoption of biogas globally. We believe that the global adoption of biogas technologies is a multi-faceted opportunity to produce clean, renewable energy while resolving global issues related to development, public health and economic growth.

We seek to represent all organizations working in the biogas industry at the international level across the world, including; national associations, biogas operators and developers, equipment providers, water companies, the agricultural sector, waste companies, and academic & research institutions.

ADBA is where our industry meets to share ideas, learn best practice – and do business. Being a member of ADBA means you are part of the entire AD community, to build relationships and business partnerships.

At ADBA we know that our industry is new – and ever-changing. ADBA members can rest assured that they have access to the latest technical information, interpretation of regulations and personal advice from our expert team. Being a member means you can access the knowledge and experience of the whole market.

The Canadian Biogas Association is the collective voice of the biogas industry from coast to coast in Canada. Since 2008, its membership has grown to encompass representation from farmers, municipalities, technology developers, consultants, finance and insurance firms, and other affiliate representatives – all with a focus on building a vibrant biogas sector in Canada.

The Canadian Biogas Association advocates for building the Canadian biogas industry with current industry objectives focused on Advocacy and Education.

Biogasworld is a knowledge-based company working to accelerate the biogas and RNG (biomethane) industry worldwide through our business generation platform & network. We aim to support all project developers and suppliers of the industry.

BiogasWorld’s vision is to become the starting point of every biogas and RNG (biomethane) project. We allow the centralization and standardization of information for everything related to biogas and RNG through multiple useful tools and resources.