Fredericton, New Brunswick: May 17, 2019

Wentech Solutions Inc., a biogas plant assessment and operation software company, today announced the launch of its new corporate identity, redesigned logos, and website. The rebranding reflects the company’s development as it strengthens its proposition and makes a move into the global market.

“We needed a strong corporate brand that reflects our core values and business, which also allows for a line of products that are part of a whole and yet individually distinctive.” said Amir Akbari, CEO. “Our new brand identity gives us a strong footing and also allows for flexibility as we grow.”

The company will now be known as anessa, with its two major products being anessa AD•A and anessa AD•O. These software solutions revolutionize the approach to anaerobic digestion plants through the use of a unique Simulation Engine and artificial intelligence. anessa AD•A provides a full assessment of potential biogas projects, encompassing all the inputs, financial considerations, and outputs needed to confidently predict biogas project feasibility. anessa AD•O optimizes existing biogas plants by automatically analyzing millions of feedstock recipe variations and recommending customized recipes for the best returns depending on what is most important to each particular plant.

“Our core values are grounded in furthering the green economy.” continues Akbari. “I especially like how the new brand reflects the sector and our passion as green energy engineers. I love telling the story of what’s behind the design.”

The green part of the anessa logo represents an anaerobic digester dome as well as the earth’s curvature. The thin line between the blue (sky) and the green (earth) represents the relative thickness of the air that sustains life on earth. Earth’s diameter is about 12,000km; the troposphere is only about 12km high or 0.1% of earth diameter. Written in lowercase using a sharp font, the anessa logo reflects the accessibility of the easy-to-use products while maintaining integrity and precision.

The rebranding includes a redesign of the company’s website, a full suite of logos for the company, its products, and core technologies, as well as updated social media profiles and URLs. The legal identity of the company will remain as Wentech Solutions Inc.

About anessa:

Founded by a group of passionate green energy engineers and entrepreneurs, anessa brings reliable and smart analytics into the workflow of anaerobic digestion project developers, biogas consultants, and facility operators. anessa makes the anaerobic digestion process more reliable and profitable, encouraging more communities around the world to transition to green energy from bio waste.

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Helen Hayward

Director of Marketing
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