Biogas Plant Operators:

How to take the guesswork out of biogas

Gain the freedom to experiment without the fear of a failure

Concerned about expensive digester crashes? Unwilling to experiment with new feedstocks in case something goes wrong? Have a feeling your plant can produce more biogas but are worried about the impact of tinkering?

Managing an anaerobic digester is a delicate art, but with the right data analysis, you can:

  • Model the effects of new feedstocks rather than relying on trial and error
  • See system stress points long before they become a problem
  • Plan to take in new feedstocks to adapt to changing conditions
  • Predict how feedstock changes will affect your biogas production and profitability

Predictive analytics is smarter, faster, and more accurate than the traditional approach of relying on trial and error to optimize your biogas operation.

Anaerobic digestion can seem fiendishly complex, but its underlying principles can be analyzed with an advanced modeling system that offers the ability to quickly conduct millions of simulations and identify the ideal process scenario for your operation.

Using anessa as your guide to anaerobic digestion takes the guesswork out of biogas production and allows you to optimize your setup with confidence.

We offer the world’s leading dedicated software system for anaerobic digestion stakeholders. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platforms make the evaluation and operation of biogas plants accessible to all. Ask for a demo so you can see:

  • How you can improve the output and profitability of your plant today
  • What new feedstock options might be worth investigating
  • Where your digester could fail—and how to avoid it

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…


  • Align feedstock mixtures to incentives and Feed-in Tariffs
  • Work out the best substrate mix for your setup
  • Optimize your setup for profits or production


  • Safely adjust to new regulations and tariffs
  • Stress test millions of scenarios
  • Select new feedstock recipes


  • Check on the effects of changes without having to alter your setup
  • Make data-driven decisions and choices
  • Prevent crashes from happening

With anessa, you get two platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis and AD•O for operations—covering all your anaerobic digestion needs.

Our platforms are backed by round-the-clock support, unique access to expert advisers, and attentive IT support, accessible anytime and anywhere through an internet connection.

Contact us now for a no-commitment demonstration to experience how quickly you can access useful reports.

The anessa difference

With anessa AD•O, there is no more guesswork and trial & error. The platform’s powerful predictive analytics makes it possible to test What-If scenarios without any risk to your current operation. You can also go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.

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Based on your current setup the software will search through millions of scenarios to find the optimal state, where your digester is healthy and your project’s production is optimized.

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