How to turn your waste into value

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Wondering what to do with manure, waste feed, crop residue, and other organic material? Looking to generate income instead of spending money on waste disposal? Not sure about where to start?

Turn your organic waste into energy with anaerobic digestion, and you will get:

  • Money from selling the biogas—to replace fossil fuel natural gas with a renewable equivalent
  • Energy for your operations, cutting your power and heating bills
  • A fuel source you can use to make electricity for sale to the grid
  • High-grade fertilizer that you can use or sell

Also, you help the planet by reducing the amount of harmful methane that gets released, stopping waste from polluting the environment, and contributing to the circular economy.

Anaerobic digestion is a smart choice for farmers, but getting it right can be challenging. Use anessa to find out if anaerobic digestion could work for you and to maximize your digester’s performance once you get going.

We offer the world’s leading dedicated software system for anaerobic digestion stakeholders. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platforms make the evaluation and operation of biogas plants accessible to all. Ask for a demo so you can see:

  • Whether anaerobic digestion is a good investment for your business
  • How much you could save and earn from the biogas you can create at your site
  • What you should do to be confident your digester is healthy and is producing the results you want

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…


  • Find out if biogas production could work for you
  • Learn how much you could make and save
  • Understand which setup suits you best


  • Create your own unbiased numbers to compare with equipment vendor claims
  • Know the best possible price to pay for organic waste from third-party sources
  • Investigate the best way to configure your digester
  • Optimize your setup for profits or production
  • Determine the optimum recipe to feed your digester, factoring in biogas potential and profitability


  • Test operating scenarios without risking the health and stability of your digester
  • See if your anaerobic digester is working as well as it should
  • Gauge the impact of new fees or tariffs
  • Anticipate the effect of making changes to feedstock mixes through predictive modeling
  • Explore how much biogas your digester could produce under optimal conditions
  • Develop optimized feedstock recipes to assure you meet production goals
  • Model the potential future of your plant and make decisions based on this potential


  • Find out how to get more from your investment
  • See how new feedstocks could affect your operations before changing anything
  • Avoid making costly mistakes

With anessa, you get two platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis and AD•O for operations—covering all your anaerobic digestion needs.

Our platforms are backed by round-the-clock support, unique access to expert advisers, and attentive IT support, accessible anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Contact us now for a no-commitment demonstration to experience how quickly you can access useful reports.

The anessa difference

anessa AD•A uses reliable and agile predictive analytics to conduct accurate analysis of biogas project opportunities. The platform can easily conduct different levels of assessments, help you answer client questions, and safely integrate changing values.

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The platform has been specifically developed to support feasibility assessment workflows, collaboration and communications with stakeholders. You can go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.

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With anessa AD•O, there is no more guesswork and trial & error. The platform’s powerful predictive analytics makes it possible to test What-If scenarios without any risk to your current operation. You can also go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.

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Based on your current setup the software will search through millions of scenarios to find the optimal state, where your digester is healthy and your project’s production is optimized.

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