Biogas Engineers and EPCs:

How to have the certainty that your next biogas project is going to work as planned

Take advantage of the world’s most advanced biogas modeling platform

Looking for easy ways to advise on feedstocks and other anaerobic digestion basics? Keen to work on more projects in the rapidly expanding biogas sector? Struggling with the technological parameters for an anaerobic digester project?

Improve your technical capabilities in anaerobic digestion, and you can:

  • Guarantee trouble-free biogas operations
  • Deliver projects faster
  • Attract more customers

Data analytics can streamline the delivery of anaerobic digestion projects and help you deliver more fully optimized plants.

Anaerobic digestion projects are on the rise as the agricultural and food processing sectors look to be more sustainable while tapping into new revenue streams. This is an excellent opportunity for engineers and EPCs, particularly if you use anessa’s platforms to help with the technical details.

We offer the world’s leading dedicated software system for anaerobic digestion stakeholders. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platforms make the evaluation and operation of biogas plants accessible to all. Ask for a demo so you can see:

  • Where you can seamlessly collaborate on project analysis with colleagues worldwide and develop international projects with 34 available currencies and one-click conversion between metric and imperial units
  • Why you can screen, scope, and conduct deep feasibility level analyses with Modified Gompertz Model and other accepted models in record time
  • How you can conduct financial, technical, and economic analysis and generate professional reports
  • What you can add to your project proposals to win more bids

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…

Creating a proposal

  • Provide detailed technical analyses to win the bid
  • Deliver realistic project costs and projections
  • Offer accurate waste energy calculations

Specifying a project

  • Adapt plant specifications to novel feedstock recipes
  • Optimize the plant for production or profit
  • Identify potential failure points

Building a plant

  • Adapt operating parameters to local currencies and units
  • Provide detailed operating parameters on handover
  • Specify minimum feedstock requirements

For customers seeking advice on operating software, anessa offers a different platform—AD•O—for operations. Our platforms are backed by round-the-clock support and unique access to expert advisers.

Contact us now for a no-commitment demonstration to experience how quickly you can access useful reports.

The anessa difference

anessa AD•A uses reliable and agile predictive analytics to conduct accurate analysis of biogas project opportunities. The platform can easily conduct different levels of assessments, help you answer client questions, and safely integrate changing values.

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The platform has been specifically developed to support feasibility assessment workflows, collaboration and communications with stakeholders. You can go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.