Biogas Plant Developers:

How to win more projects

Be ready to capitalize on even more projects, with less effort

Weary of trying to win people over to the virtues of biogas? Looking to strengthen your presentations and business cases? Concerned about your ability to capitalize on project opportunities that are different from the ones you are familiar with?

Building a project pipeline is tough, but you can make things easier for yourself by using data analytics to:

  • Model projects for a broader range of prospects and investors
  • Create more accurate, detailed, and persuasive proposals
  • Optimize your project designs more quickly and easily

Data analytics can help you build a strong pipeline of projects fast by improving the quality of your proposals and allowing you to adapt them to a broader range of prospects.

Even if you target a specific market segment, putting a convincing business plan together can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With anessa performing predictive analytics, you can dive deeper into the detail and provide more convincing investment arguments.

We offer the world’s leading dedicated software system for anaerobic digestion stakeholders. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platforms make the evaluation and operation of biogas plants accessible to all. Ask for a demo so you can see:

  • How you can be prepared to respond to investors’ stress testing with confidence
  • Why it is easy to create proposals for new market segments and customer types
  • Where you could be pitching anaerobic digester projects in your chosen market

Let us help you—wherever you are in your biogas journey.


You want to…

You need…

Creating a proposal

  • Deliver rough estimations on the fly, on client premises if needed
  • Create scenarios to identify optimum returns in advance of typical questions bankers and investors ask
  • Quickly assess project viability

Specifying a project

  • Deliver an in-depth recommendation rapidly and cost-effectively
  • Tailor your proposal to the exact circumstances of the client
  • Provide a convincing estimation of profits and costs

Building a plant

  • Adapt proposals based on changing hardware, feedstock, and market characteristics
  • Access plant specifications securely from anywhere
  • Optimize the plant design for output or profit

Commissioning and handing over

  • Check plant performance against model predictions
  • Offer guidance on how to achieve specific outputs
  • Provide optimal feedstock recipes

Providing financial and technical reporting

  • Include financial incentives in the modeling
  • Deliver on-demand proforma income, cash flow, and other statements
  • Create in-depth technical reports on topics including digestate composition

With anessa, you get two platforms—AD•A for feasibility analysis and AD•O for operations—covering all your anaerobic digestion project development needs. Our platforms are backed by round-the-clock support and unique access to expert advisers.

Contact us now for a no-commitment demonstration to experience how quickly you can access useful reports.

The anessa difference

anessa AD•A uses reliable and agile predictive analytics to conduct accurate analysis of biogas project opportunities. The platform can easily conduct different levels of assessments, help you answer client questions, and safely integrate changing values.

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The platform has been specifically developed to support feasibility assessment workflows, collaboration and communications with stakeholders. You can go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.

With anessa AD•O, there is no more guesswork and trial & error. The platform’s powerful predictive analytics makes it possible to test What-If scenarios without any risk to your current operation. You can also go as much in detail as you feel comfortable, and the platform looks after the rest.

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Based on your current setup the software will search through millions of scenarios to find the optimal state, where your digester is healthy and your project’s production is optimized.