For Immediate Release

New Brunswick, Canada

October 1st, 2021

David Newman, former president of the World Biogas Association has been appointed as the new Chairman of the board of directors for the company which becomes effective October 1st, 2021.

Mr. Newman has extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, and  recently completed a five year term serving as the president of World Biogas Association. Before that he was President of the International Solid Waste Association for four years.

“We are fortunate to have David Newman leading our board of directors,”  said Amir Akbari, President and CEO of anessa. “He has exceptional knowledge of the sector, is an accomplished leader, with vision and insight to guide the development of our strategy as we expand further into international biogas markets.  David was our ideal choice: he is passionate about protecting the environment, has a deep understanding of policy and vision for the industry, and has extensive experience.”

anessa has been a member of the World Biogas Association since 2019 and continues to be actively involved in initiatives and events that are geared to driving the growth of the biogas sector worldwide. “Since the time we have joined WBA, David’s leadership and deep understanding of the biogas market was noticeable,” added, Mr. Akbari.

Mr. Newman said, “I believe that the biogas industry is about to go through an exponential growth due to its mature technologies which will be employed globally to capture the enormous energy potential of the many waste streams that currently we do not treat.  Anessa is uniquely placed, with its proprietary technology, to be a major partner to the global biogas industry and I am excited about the potential the company has and to be part of the anessa team.”

About anessa:

anessa is a firm dedicated to providing software solutions for the biogas market, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and is the proprietary owner of the AD•A and AD•O biogas software. anessa is composed of a talented team of biogas specialists, engineers, and computer scientists who are continually adding new functionalities to the platforms and supporting its clients, and is serving clients in the United States, Europe and Africa. Our Purpose is to give biogas investors, planners, and operators powerful software platforms to drive success and sustainability in the biogas industry.

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