CIBiogás is the Biogas Business and Technology Institution in Brazil and has been a major driver of the Brazilian Biogas Industry, providing comprehensive data for stakeholders, industry reports, and even educational courses. CIBiogas is dedicated to the expansion of clean energy and has been incredibly instrumental in the development of biogas.

“This partnership is something CIBiogás wished to consolidate since the first contact we had with anessa in 2020. Today we understand that both institutions are in perfect maturity to allow the anessa solution to reach the Brazilian biogas and biomethane market.

We can also affirm that this partnership is totally aligned with the strategic planning of CIBiogás, as we prioritize “shoulder to shoulder” cooperation where both parties are winners when a deal is reached.”

Rafael Gonzalez

CIBiogás President Director

anessa is an award-winning software and technology firm, based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. anessa is the proprietary owner of the AD•A and AD•O biogas software platforms. By providing top-quality platforms, anessa allows stakeholders to assess and optimize biogas projects, from the pre-feasibility stages all the way through operation. anessa’s purpose is to provide powerful predictive analytics to industry collaborators to drive the success of the anaerobic digestion industry.

“I am very excited to announce our partnership with CIBiogas to collaborate on how best to support the tremendous development that is expected in the sector in the coming years. CIBiogas has an excellent and experienced team, a deep knowledge of the Brazilian renewable energy sector, and a mission to see the biogas sector flourish.”

Amir Akbari

President and CEO

anessa will be expanding their operations into the Brazilian market and is looking forward to working with their new partners to help drive the flourishing industry in South America.

As one of the most renewable economies in the world, Brazil hosts enormous growth potential for the biogas industry. In fact, the number of operational biogas plants has been increasing drastically since the early 2010’s.

Plant Growth in Brazil

CIBiogas, Panorama Biogás No Brasil 2020

In 2020, the total volume of biogas produced in the country was 1.83 billion cubic meters, which is enough to power 428,070 Brazilian homes. The Southeast portion of Brazil produces the greatest amount in the nation, with electricity as its primary application. 85% of all projects are being used for this.

According to CIBiogas, 79% of all biogas plants in Brazil use feedstock from agricultural sources, producing 11% of the total volume; Urban Solid Waste (including landfill) and Sewage Treatment Waste represent 9% of total plants while producing 73% of total volume.

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