With Predictive Analytics, the AD operation can move to the optimum configuration while avoiding costly mistakes and delays that come from using outdated trial-and error  methods. Advances in AD plant modelling can now mathematically replicate an AD plant or model a planned project with precision to test scenarios while quickly determining the optimum setup.

If you are an OPERATOR this webinar will help you understand how Predictive Analytics tools can maximize output while minimizing risk, and answer what-if questions without disrupting the process.

If you are a PROJECT DEVELOPER this webinar will help you learn how to plan for the optimal AD setup before a plant is even designed or built, and prepare comprehensive technical and financial project plans.

If you are an INVESTOR this webinar will help you learn how to evaluate potential projects with tools that incorporate full process and financial predictive analytics.


Amir Akbari, CEO

Anna Sydänmaa,
Product Manager
Valmet Automation

Jarmo Saariniemi,
Office Manager
Center of
Expertise of Rural
Vocational College Lappia

Will Charlton,
Digester Doc


Nikolas Patentalakis,
Account Manager