This webinar will look into what types of AD projects are better positioned to attract developers and investors. A number of questions will be answered. Are certain
feedstock types, plant sizes or locations or are specific AD technologies preferred by developers and investors? Does feedstock seasonality or variability play into the mix when it comes to choosing one project over another? How important are transportation considerations as well as closeness to the electrical grid and injection sites?

If you are an INVESTOR this webinar proposes to give you insight into the minds of other AD investors and how they pick the winners.

If you are an OPERATOR, this webinar will help you better understand the expectations of developers and investors.

If you are a PROJECT DEVELOPER, this webinar will help you get a better sense of how other developers


Greg Montgomery,
Managing Director
CleanSource Capital

Christrian Eilert,
Technical Sales
Envitec Biogas

Jonathan Cristiani,
Bioenergy Engineer
Black & Veatch


Amir Akbari, CEO