This webinar will cover challenges between the investors and project developers in biogas projects and how to resolve them. An effective communication between
project developers and investors is key to the AD sector securing the financial backings it requires to move the sector forward.

If you are an OPERATOR this webinar will help you keep the plant operating in a way that will align with the expectations of project developers and investors.

If you are a PROJECT DEVELOPER this webinar will help you close more deals simply by presenting projects in a way that speaks the investor’s language.

If you are an INVESTOR this webinar will help you understand how other investors evaluate projects and achieve maximum returns on investment.


Amir Akbari, CEO

Nate Lowbeer-Lewis,
VP Canada
Springlane Capital

Jason Li, EVP
Development in
North America
Welle Corporation


Nikolas Patentalakis,
Account Manager