This edition of the anessa newsletter brings you proud moments in anessa’s recent history. Keep reading to learn about our conference activity in biogas hot-spots, market news,  business excellence in our home province, and how we’ve been working to expand our offering!

One Month, Two Major Events

Check Out What anessa Has Been Up To Around North America

Value of Biogas East

Toronto, Ontario

A proud time for our Canadian company–anessa was a gold sponsor of the 2022 Value of Biogas East conference, hosted by the Canadian Biogas Association. Our Business Development Manager, Gus Zanatta, is pictured below conducting his discussion on how predictive analytics can help to expand biogas opportunities, and improve operational performance.

Biogas Americas

Las Vegas, NV

The buzz was palpable in Las Vegas as the American Biogas Council hosted the largest Biogas Event of the US in 2022, with over 1000 participants. anessa attended Biogas Americas and sent CEO, Amir Akbari, and Marketing Manager, Andrea Cardenas, to feel the energy of the growing industry. This event showed great insight on policy and the promising future of biogas in the US, with major organizations demonstrating their interest in biogas as a sustainable solution.

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What’s Going On In Biogas?

Market News Recap

European Commission Introduces REPowerEU

Ending Reliance on Russian Natural Gas

The European Union takes steps to move away from non-renewable natural gas imported from Russia.  The Biomethane Action Plan is aimed to reduce dependency on natural gas imports by increasing biomethane production to 35 billion cubic metres by 2030.  Further diversifying Europe’s natural gas portfolio through biomethane creates a massive potential for biogas businesses in the region.

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Germany and USA Sign Climate Partnership

Reaffirming Methane Pledge Goals

Germany and the United States start to follow through on their COP26 Methane Reduction promises. The two countries signed a Climate and Energy partnership that commits them to acting on their 2030 global methane cut of 30% through developing regulatory framework. The biogas industry has a major opportunity here, as biomethane can be used a solution to reduce harmful methane emissions, while maintaining current infrastructure.

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Proud Moments at anessa

A Reflection on Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) Export Awards and Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

ONB Export Awards

Fighting through the last few years in a pandemic has not been an easy task, but New Brunswick companies have always been resilient, and thrive in difficult situations, which is what makes the winners of ONB Export Awards even more impressive. Due to our expansion into export markets, the anessa team was recognized as one of the top exporting businesses in New Brunswick.

We would like to congratulate the following companies on their incredible accomplishments in winning their respective categories:

We are proud to be recognized as a top exporter in the province, alongside 36 other impactful local organizations, and would like to thank Opportunities New Brunswick for inviting us to a momentous event filled with hardworking New Brunswickers.

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

anessa Wins Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

anessa is honoured to be recognized as the winner of  the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards under the Wilson Insurance Ltd. New Business category.

We are proud to be identified as an outstanding performer in Fredericton and we are excited to see what the future holds for anessa as a supporter of the sustainable energy transition. After being postponed from last year, we were excited to attend the gala in early June, and congratulate all the worthy companies that were nominated alongside anessa.

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AD•A and AD•O Enhancements

It wouldn’t be an anessa newsletter without updating you on what our hardworking team has been doing for our platform. Learn about how we have expanded our offering to better support the biogas community. Stay up-to-date with our adjustments on:

  • Digester Improvements in AD•A lets users input digester efficiency under plant specifications
  • AD•A’s BMP Curve now allows uses to apply a coefficient to investigate fluctuations in feedstock quality and additives
  • The Consumed Fuels module in AD•A is now further integrated, providing more information to help users determine the proper equipment to procure
  • AD•A provides an LCFS CI Score Database that can help users conduct financial analyses
  • AD•A users can now include Additional Products, such as Hydrogen or liquid Carbon Dioxide, within their technical and financial assessments
  • AD•O’s improved Data Log Graphical User Interface now lets users set minimum and maximum ranges on datasets and be notified when data points are outside these ranges
  • Sanity Checks in AD•O have been expanded further to warn users on 8 features when inputs fall outside a normal range

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