Use Case – AD•A No.02


On-Farm Co-Digestion Biogas Project in Nova Scotia


Expanding an emerging bioeconomy posed challenges for Sou’wester throughout the development of their projects in Nova Scotia. anessa AD•A helped Sou’wester evaluate their project’s potential risk and viability under different scenarios. AD•A supported Sou’wester throughout the development of their new opportunity, from conceptualization to full feasibility.

Enabled the team to conduct a thorough

Technology Evaluation

through evaluating the effect of different tank technologies on their project’s bottom line.

AD•A’s on-demand reporting facilitated the

Off-take Agreement &
Investment Due

for the Sou’Wester Team

“I would recommend anessa to other biogas developers to do a preliminary analysis on a biogas plant.”

RICK CORRADINI, President, Sou'wester


Sou’wester Exploration and Technology is a developer based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Principals at Sou’wester are passionate about growing the sustainable industry in Atlantic Canada.

Sou’wester has extensive experience in the field of wind, solar, anaerobic digestors, and combined heat and power (A/D-CHP) over the last 20 years. Principals at Sou’wester have consulted on over 50 COMFIT projects based on wind, solar and A/D-CHP.


Atlantic Canada’s anaerobic digestion market is still quite young. The Sou’wester team had to help farmers and originators understand the value within their waste as well as the costs of capitalizing on said waste. The team needed a scalable and flexible process that could visualize changing variables and different scenarios in a dynamic manner as the project progressed.


Sou’wester Exploration and Technology sought out anessa due to our platform’s flexibility and interconnection between technical and financial modeling. Using anessa AD•A, the team could assess the impact of different setups and scenarios.


anessa worked alongside the Sou’wester team throughout the development of their opportunities. Using AD•A’s Scenario Comparison, the effect of different technologies and setups was evaluated. This led to highlight the need for an additional tank and select the technology that worked best for the project’s use case.

Further down the feasibility roadmap, AD•A helped Sou’wester streamline the off-take agreement due diligence by providing on-demand reporting of project values and assumptions as well as visualizing the project’s results under different scenarios.


anessa AD•A’s interconnected models help you understand your project’s bottom line under dynamic scenarios. With scalable and flexible predictive analytics anessa enables you to gain a full picture of your opportunity’s financial and technical feasibility.