We are excited to be exhibiting and presenting at this year’s US Biogas conference –US Biogas 2019
North America’s Learning & Networking Forum for International Biogas Executives.

Where to find us:

  • Booth #3
  • Presentation – Tuesday, October 1st at 4:30pm – 4:50pm:
    • TECHNOLOGY CASE STUDY: Project Simulations: Advancements in improving profitability and mitigating risk
      • Comprehensive simulations make expensive trial and error obsolete
      • Computer modelling technologies can now simulate real world complexities
      • The future of plant operation is knowledge-based, information-driven and increasingly automated
      • Learning from successful as well as failed projects

Who will be there?

Amir Akbari – President & CEO

Amir has a background in mechanical engineering specializing in power generation cycles. His 11 years of industrial and academic experience has seen him lead a team of over 100 engineers and their supporting teams, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of their challenges and motivations. Learn more

Contact: aakbari@anessa.com

Robert DiDiodato – VP Business Development

Robert has spent over 20 years helping to build technology startups. His senior management and business development experience has developed his drive to exceed customer expectations and build partnerships that are a win for all involved. Learn more
Contact: rdidiodato@anessa.com

Helen Hayward – Director of Marketing

Helen has 15 years of experience marketing a range of startup and established companies. Her preferred omni-channel approach puts the customer at the centre, driven by their needs, challenges, and goals. Learn more

Contact: hhayward@anessa.com

Learn more:

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