We have just released over 110 new features, most of which are in response to customer requests. In this newsletter, we will explore a handful of the most requested features and how they can make anessa AD•A for businesses of all sizes.

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New! and Improved User Interface

While many anessa AD•A capabilities are very technical, ease of use and an intuitive user interface are key platform benefits. An improved interface design and logic makes the usability even more seamless, making it possible to get results on the project assessment even faster.

AD•A has never been easier to use!

New! Dry is “IN”

There are several digester technologies and with this release, anessa AD•A has developed the full modelling capabilities for dry batch and dry continuous digester types.

Modelling can now be simulated with multiple digester types:

  • wet continuous mixed system
  • wet continuous lagoon system
  • dry continuous system
  • dry batch digestion system

New! Define your plant as you see it!

This release introduces new plant units to the plant specification section. More unit types can be included in the modelling in the plant specifications while analyzing their effect on feasibility.

Modelling can be done with the following units:

  • CHP, producing electricity and heat
  • Upgrader for biomethane to RNG
  • Dewatering units (both centrifuge and screw press)

New! HRT Computations

Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) computations are now included in the simulations and modelling, and are carefully mapped to overall biogas plant performance.

New! More Advanced Technical Analysis

AD•A can now model your plant’s technical aspects in more detail. Conduct an NPK analysis, choose a biomethane yield estimation method, and easily observe a breakdown of feedstock, all in feasibility mode. Easily answer stakeholder’s questions, generate charts and reports for partners or find the right combination of variables that are required to make the business case for complex projects.

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“AD•A was used to integrate key aspects of my business case. Simulations performed the agricultural food-waste-to-energy calculations while producing useful financial reports with surprising precision and speed. The business case was built in a fraction of time.”

Sean Kilgrow,, President, Machado & Sons