The anessa Team has been working hard to expand our offering and to ensure that our users have the best experience possible while using anessa’s products. Led by our wonderful clients’ feedback, we are excited to introduce new platform updates in both AD•A and AD•O.

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Smart Messaging

Keeping You Updated On Your Inputs In Real-Time

AD•O now notifies clients when creating projects within the platform. Spend less time troubleshooting, and more time generating results. Items our users will be notified about include the following:

  • Insufficient Storage Capacity
  • Ammonia Toxicity Warnings
  • Unobtainable Targeted Total Solids
  • Carbon/Nitrogen Ranges That Are Outside Optimum Ranges
  • Infeasible OLRs
  • And More!

New! Working Volume

Automatically Generate HRT and OLR

AD•A can now help you calculate a plant’s Hydraulic Retention Time and Organic Loading Rate based on Working Volume. Simplify your process by letting AD•A do the heavy lifting; find the HRT and OLR in the Results Section of the platform when inputting Working Volume.

New! anessa AD•A Tutorials: Variable Pricing

Resources On How To Model Your Situation’s Financial Incentives

At anessa, we strive to make our platforms as user-friendly as possible. We have now introduced instructional guides in sections of our AD•A software, starting with variable pricing. A document is now available providing sample subsidy structures to help partners model their own situation. Clients can find models that are similar to theirs to take advantage of incentives, whether it is based on gross/sold product, or installed capacity.

Andrea Cardenas

Marketing Manager anessa

anessa In Our Community

Joint Economic Development Initiative

Andrea Cardenas, Marketing Manager at anessa, participated in the JEDI World Café to discuss the benefits that Anaerobic Digestion could bring to Indigenous communities in the province. Providing clean, locally sourced, renewable energy is vital to preserve the environment, support our communities, and develop the local industry.

“Participating in the World Café was a great experience. I was happy to spread awareness of the benefits that AD can bring, and it was refreshing to hear people’s thoughts on how biogas can be tapped into to support local energy needs. I would like to thank the Joint Economic Development Initiative for inviting anessa to discuss such an important topic for Indigenous communities.”

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“Having a software platform that allows us to not only think about biomethane potential, but allows us to think of digester sizing, and how changes in feedstock would impact biogas production through scenario analysis has been quite a great value add.”

Allan Oduor, Technical Services Associate, Leyline Renewable Capital

Leyline Renewable Capital is an investment firm dedicated to investing in the development and construction of biogas projects. Their passion for furthering sustainable investment led to them incorporate biogas into their portfolio. Leyline invested in anessa as an application that allowed them to scale their current process to their growing business without sacrificing the quality and time needed to re-adjust models.

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