AD•O RELEASE – 14 July 2020

Using predictive analytics, the AD•O software avoids the all-too-common trial and error and finds the optimum feedstock ratios instantly in accordance with the operator’s preferences and priorities. As with the ability to prioritize product or profit, new functions have been developed and are now released to further tailor anessa AD•O to a client’s needs and circumstances. This release also improves information presentation and introduces customer requested features that will definitely be appreciated.

If you are new to anessa AD•O, please view our product page here.

New! Personalized Overview

Viewing feedstock planning results is now a personal experience with AD·O’s new Overview Results Section. This section now allows clients to create overview of results organized according to personal preferences.

New! What If Scenario Archive

On a regular basis most plant operators are faced with making choices such as whether to accept a new feedstock or changing the feeding ratio. Having an answer to the what-if question is no longer a dream. ‘What if’ can be asked at any time. Following a simulation, AD•O will remember the modelling and archive the information.

Those models and recipes that need to be referenced can be tagged with just one easy one click, ready to be accessed at any time.

New! Biogas Efficiency

With the new Biogas Efficiency prediction functionality, it is possible to determine if feedstock is being used optimally. Rather than needing to sift through endless cells in spreadsheets, this new feature displays where corrections can be made to achieve the desired biogas efficiency.

All charts, graphs and tables continue to be generated on demand and with a single click are saved to the desktop or to the anessa reporting-building tool.

New! HRT Computations

Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) computations are now included in the simulations and modelling, and are carefully mapped to overall biogas plant performance.

New! Highest Production Potential Check

When it becomes necessary to estimate the maximum biogas potential as new feedstocks are being considered, this powerful new feature quickly displays the information. It can be broken down by day, week, month or year to simplify the process of finding optimal recipes.

New! Save Even More Time

Several other time-saving features have been added to improve upon the process of finding the optimal state at the biogas plant including:

  • View tables and graphs in the same screen.
  • Save all results on the desktop and in the report module.
  • Enter Units of Measure and default Currency once in the Plant Information section to have them automatically displayed elsewhere.

Recommended recipes can now be displayed by a percentage as well as by weight. And with only two clicks the information is ready to be shared with stakeholders who are assisting in the feedstock decision-making.

New! Better Profitability Predictions

The challenges associated with predicting biogas profitability can be daunting. It is now possible to anticipate energy being produced, demand for products such as RNG or electricity while estimating the amount that will be sold in the future.

The challenges associated with predicting biogas profitability can be daunting. It is now possible to anticipate energy being produced, demand for products such as RNG or electricity while estimating the amount that will be sold in the future.

New! Improved Stakeholder Access

Every business has their own way of operating. The new Project Access Control makes it possible to have varying levels of stakeholders engaged within AD•O. A team member working in one part of the world can be performing all the background work while another in the field could access the reports.

New! Simulation Notifications

As soon as the simulation is completed an email message is automatically sent to notify that the modelling has been finished. Charts, graphs, and tables can then be accessed immediately.

New! Improved Messaging

There are several safeguards in AD•O to ensure that simulations are conducted properly. Gentle reminders are presented to improve the navigation and experience while providing directions on how to adjust previous entries.

And There is even More

  • All downloaded tables are editable
  • Revamped feedstock module
    With more feedstock composition options, easier navigation, and a new biochemical methane potential (BMP) / biogas yield (BY) period.
  • Optional chemical oxygen demand (COD) calculations
    With a switch, COD can be enabled/deactivated.
  • New plant specification features.
    • Products automatically added and assigned to new units.
    • The option to select one or multiple energy generation unit and / or a gas upgrading unit.
  • New consumption / selling rate for biofertilizer and digestate products.
  • Imperial units added to Organic Loading Rate.
  • Plant name is shown in the top left corner in all pages.

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