As a result of COVID-19 development, anessa has implemented changes to our business practices to minimize the potential exposure of employees, clients, partners, and citizens where we do business.

All travel has been suspended.  We have implemented work-from-home policies, and we are encouraging social distancing.  We are monitoring the situation closely and have appropriate business continuity plans in place so that we can continue to serve our clients’ needs with as little disruption as possible.  Our teams will continue to use web-based tools to provide support to our clients and collaborate with our partners.  Our team members are well equipped with high speed internet at home, can provide audio with voice-over-IP technology, and with advanced notice can arrange for telephone support.

During these challenging times, we will do our utmost to provide normalcy to the way we do business.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we adapt to a new way of supporting our stakeholders.

On behalf of all of us at anessa, we wish you and your colleagues good safety and wellbeing during these difficult times.

Amir Akbari