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Biogas Plant Feasibility Assessment & Operation Software

Make better decisions faster. Assess the feasibility of potential biogas projects and get the most out of your existing plant with fast, comprehensive, and reliable software tools.

Anaerobic Digestion Assessment software

anessa AD•A helps engineers and investors provide answers for farmers, municipalities, and entrepreneurs on the feasibility of a proposed biogas project. anessa AD•A provides in-depth insights into financial projections, mass and energy balance, greenhouse gas emissions, and multiple scenario planning.

Anaerobic Digestion Operation software

anessa AD•O helps operators generate the most energy output and revenue at an existing biogas plant. Computer simulations present biogas plant operators with optimal feedstock recipes based on the unique goal of the plant, avoiding the costly guesswork of trial and error experimentation. Plan for seasonality changes, quality fluctuations, and differences in fees and tariffs.

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